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Caravan Towing



Tavistock Towing Services is owned and run by Daren Young who has 15 years of towing experience, and is an experienced caravanner himself . It was after speaking to fellow caravanners about the service and being told that some people wanted to downsize their vehicle but still wanted to holiday in their caravan, that Tavistock Towing Services was started. 

Tavistock Towing Services is based in Tavistock, on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park and right on the Devon/Cornwall border. We are based in Devon/Cornwall but cover the whole of the UK.

As someone with a great passion for caravanning and an understanding of how precious your caravan is  I will treat your caravan as if it was my own, so rest assured your pride and joy is in safe hands.

We are fully insured too, so even if your caravan doesnt have insurance it will be fully insured, Caravan and contents, while it is hitched up to our tow vehicle. Our tow vehicle itself is fully serviced and very well looked after.


We also abide by the driving hours rules. Because we are a business and when towing, the weight of the towing vehicle and the caravan are more than 3.5tonnes and we work for hire or reward it is a legal requirement that a tacho must be used, so our vehicle is fitted with the latest tacho equipment, so driving time and speed are always adhered to.

Caravan Towing
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